Project summary: Repaired/rerouted existing trails and constructed new trails.

Project location: Crafton Hills, Yucaipa, CA

Client: Crafton Hills Open Space Conservancy and the San Bernardino Valley Water District

Project Completion Date: 7/5/11

Project Details: Repaired approximately 6.5 miles of natural surface trails. Some sections of the trails were widened to bring them up to multi-use guidelines. Also added/repaired drainage features.

Many of the existing trails in the Crafton Hills are very steep and therefore they can be difficult for some trail users. In the area near the College where we built new or rerouted trails we had gentler sideslopes and less elevation gain then the existing Crafton Hills trails. This gave us the opportunity to keep the grades down to an average of around 6%. The Crafton Hills now has a very nice variety of trails for all types of trail users to enjoy.

Built and or rerouted the following  trails:

  • Thunderbird’s Trail –  this trail starts near the intersection of College Heights and 13th St. and connects to the fire road. It is named after the Yucaipa High School Mascot, and is 1.35 miles in length, with an average grade of 6.2%

Existing trail was on the canyon floor.

Rerouted the trail to the sideslope.

More photos of this trail can be viewed at: Crafton Hills: Thunderbird’s Trail June 2011

  • Three Hawks Trail –  this trail got its name from the three Hawks that can frequently be seen flying around the area. The trail starts just a few hundred feet west of the Thunderbird’s Trail and connects to the eastern section of the college loop trail. This trail is .64 miles in length, with an average grade of 5.8%.

Jorge and Erik surveying the area.

Connecting Three Hawks and College Loop Trails.

More photos of this trail can be viewed at: Crafton Hills:Three Hawks Trail June 2011

  • College Loop Trail (eastern section) –  most of the existing trail was on the canyon floor, After any significant rain the trail would be washed away. We rerouted the trail off of the canyon floor onto the sideslope of the hill. This trail is just under half a mile in length, with an average grade of 5.6%.

A section of the completed trail can be seen in the background.

Some remnants of the old trail can be seen on the Canyon floor.

More photos of this trail can be viewed at: Crafton Hills: College Loop Trail May 2011

  • Reservoir Trails – We rerouted sections of the existing trail and constructed a new trail to make way for the Reservoir Expansion Project.

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