Summit at Turtle Ridge

Posted: September 4, 2011 by Hans in Stonework, Trail repairs, Walking Paths

Project summary: Repairs to the Decomposed Granite (DG) walking path

Project location: The Summit at Turtle Ridge, Irvine, CA

Client: PCM Property Management

Project Completion Date: 7/29/11

Project Details: The Summit at Turtle Ridge is a gated community with just over 1 mile of DG paths. Many areas of the paths are very eroded due to poor drainage. The first phase of the path repairs included a section of path that is 2100 linear feet in length.  The path was regraded for optimum drainage of storm and irrigation water. Several areas adjacent to the path were also graded to allow water to properly drain off of and away from the path, existing piped drains were cleaned out, excavated and rock armored, irrigation adjusted and new DG imported, spread, graded and a stabilizer applied.

The existing path had storm and irrigation water running down the path leading to erosion.

Water was not draining properly from the existing path.

Another example of poor drainage.

Path after repairs. A drainage swale was added to the grass area on the right. The berm was removed from the outside edge of the path, drainage dips and outsloping were added to allow water to properly drain from the path.

New DG was imported, graded and a soil stabilizer applied to the path. Existing drains were armored with granite riprap to assure proper drainage and to prevent erosion.

Another section after repairs have been completed.

More photos of this project can be viewed at: The Summit at Turtle Ridge

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