Project summary: Repairs/Rerouting of the Oak Service Trail

Project location: Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Client: Orange County Parks

Project Completion Date: 8/10/11

Project Details: The Oak Trail/Service Road was a steep fall line trail.  The trail was commonly known to the locals as the 3-B’s due to three very steep climbs. Due to erosion and years of grading the road bed had become  4-6′ deep in many areas. Due to its fall line placement and poor drainage the road would erode after each heavy rainfall and become impassable by vehicles. We rerouted much of the road and added drainage features to the sections of road that remained to allow for proper drainage. Natures Image, a company specializing in native plants and Park Staff revegetated the old road bed as well as other areas near by.

Old fall line route

New rerouted section

More photos of this project can be viewed at: Oak Trail Photos

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