Poison Oak Trail Repairs

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Hans in Equestrian Trails, Hiking Trails, Stonework, Trail repairs

Project summary: Trail Reconstruction

Project location: City of San Dimas, CA

Client: City of San Dimas

Project Completion Date: 12/21/11

Project Details: This short (approximately 1/4 mile) trail had been a popular trail with local equestrians and hikers up until the last few years. The trail had narrowed due to sloughing, erosion and brush growth. In many areas the edge of the trail on the steep side slope had collapsed. Equestrians no longer felt safe using the trail. The City wanted the trail repaired and brought up to multi use guidelines. Over 700′ of natural rock retaining walls were constructed. Brush and trees needed to be cut back and a culvert was installed. With the trail now in good shape again hikers and equestrians can now use this trail as part of a larger loop from the park and or stables below.

Trail before reconstruction

Same area as left after reconstruction

Culvert to be installed here

After Culvert installation

More photos of this project can be viewed at: Poison Oak Trail Photos


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