Rim Trail Repairs

Posted: February 28, 2012 by Hans in Hiking Trails, Mountain Biking Trail, Stonework, Trail repairs

Project summary: Repairs to the Rim Trail

Project location: Angeles National Forest near Mount Wilson

Client: Concerned Off Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA) funded by a Grant from REI.

Project Completion Date: 12/30/11

Project Details: The Rim Trail had been closed for two years due to the Station Fire. There were several areas along the trail where slides had occurred making the trail unsafe for travel.  Several of the slide areas near the top and one very large slide about two miles down the trail have been repaired. At least 6 rock retaining walls were built, repaired or replaced, and one large tree which had fallen onto the trail and was standing nearly vertically, leaning against the rock face above, was removed. CORBA contracted Bellfree Contractors for the work using a trail restoration grant from REI.

WIth a combination of the work completed by Bellfree Contractors and CORBA’s volunteer Trail Crew the trail is now in the best shape it has been in for at least the past 15 years!

  1. Jim Hasenauer says:

    Way to go Hans, CORBA and REI!

  2. mina mahoney says:

    Very fast workers! Great JOB!!

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