Crafton Hills College

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Project summary: Trail Design and Construction

Project location: Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, CA

Client: Crafton Hills College

Project Completion Date: May 2014

Project Details: Designed and constructed a trail from a parking lot to provide easy access to the buildings above the lot. The project included Timber steps and Lodgepole Fencing.




More Photos of this project here

Project summary: Mustard Road Repairs

Project location: Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park

Client: Orange County Parks

Project Completion Date: January 2014

Project Details: A section of the dirt road had eroded and slid during heavy rains. We constructed several rock retaining walls with imported rock to terrace and stabilize the slope below the road. We directed the storm water away from this area by installing drainage dips on the road upslope of the problem area.





The Road had been washed away


Imported Granite Rock for Retaining Walls and Armor Drains


Grading area and moving Rocks into place


Each wall section is pitched to drain the Water across the Slope


Road is back in service


Chino Hills State Park

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IMG_1758Had a great day today providing the wonderful California State Parks Foundation Volunteers with some trail maintenance guidance at Chino Hills State Park. We worked on the Sidewinder Trail.

Fillmore Bike Park

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Wow it has been a while since I have posted! We have been super busy this year!

On Tuesday 11/11/14 we started construction on the Fillmore Bike Park in the City of Fillmore. Yes, finally a city in So Cal has decided to build a bike park! Thanks to the efforts of the Ride Heritage Valley Group and CORBA for making it happen.

Today we finished the first of two pump tracks and the jump line is starting to take shape.


Day one

Day one

Its great to get to work one of my favorite trails in the Angeles Forest. In 2009 the Station fire burned most of this area and the trails have been closed since.

In 2011 Bellfree was contracted by the Forest Service to do a trail assessment of these two trails totaling 14 miles. Due to the lack of funding at that time the repairs were not contracted out by the Forest Service. We have now been contracted by the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (LACC) and CORBA to do some of the repairs. A Crew from the LACC has been working with us for the past week and will continue to do so for a couple more weeks

CORBA, the Sierra Club volunteers and the LACC have been working on these trails over the last couple of years and have completed a lot of hard work. There is still plenty to do before the trails can be opened once again to the public.

We worked with a volunteer crew from the Sierra Club on 2/8. On 2/16/14 a CORBA volunteer crew will be working on the Strawberry Peak Trail from Redbox.

Colby Canyon Trail with the LACC Crew.

Colby Canyon Trail with the LACC Crew.

The project starts with repairing this slide on the Strawberry Saddle Trail. This slide was a problem long before the Station Fire.

The project starts with repairing this slide on the Strawberry Saddle Trail. This slide was a problem long before the Station Fire.