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As part of the DR Horton housing development project trail improvements were made to an existing trail. We installed 5 Western Wood pedestrian bridges. Though not as remote as many of our other projects building these bridges proved to be a challenge. The longest bridge was 70′ long.


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Project summary: Restoration of the Cold Creek streambed and surrounding area.

Project location: Cold Creek Preserve, Calabasas, CA

Client: Mountains Restoration Trust (MRT)

Project Completion Date: January 2014

Project Details: This project involved the demolition of an old house, concrete pad, storage shed, fencing, bridge abutments in the creek and the replacement of a pedestrian bridge and abutments.

The challenge on this project was that we could not have any equipment in the streambed so the old house that sat on the far bank of the creek had to be demolished by hand. A large oak tree was right next to the house so we had to be careful not to damage the tree.


Old House


Old Bridge Abutments


Old Bridge Abutments to be replaced


Old bridge removed and site ready for new bridge


New bridge complete

A high line then had to be set up and the material flown across the creek to the other side where it could be hauled up the hill and placed in a dumpster.

The old concrete abutments were demolished using a Boulder Buster and a jack hammer. The broken pieces were then hand carried out of the streambed. Though this concrete abutment was said to be over 100 years old it proved to be very strong!


Glendale Sports Complex Trails Opening June, 1 2013

Project summary: Construction of two new trail at the Glendale Sports Complex

Project location: Glendale Sports Complex 2200 Fern Lane Glendale, CA

Client: City of Glendale

Project Completion Date: April 2013

Project Details: This project is over five years in the making. I was involved with the City of Glendale’s Trails Master Plan that began over five years ago. It was at that time the idea of these two trails was first discussed. It was very exciting to finally break ground in early December 2012.

The Catalina Verdugo Trail was funded through a grant from Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich 2009 Competitive Trails Grant Program and is administered through the Los Angeles County Regional Parks and Open Space District.

View of the North Segment of the Catalina Verdugo Trail from the Ridge Motorway.

The Trail loops around the hills just above the Sports Complex. The City of Glendale has many steep difficult trails such as the trails at Brand and Duekmejian Parks for example. City officials wanted the Catalina Verdugo Trail to be an easier trail to provide a enjoyable experience for all levels of trail users.

With the steep sideslopes and difficult geology the Catalina Verdugo Trail proved to be a challenge to build.

There are three rest/view areas with benches along the trail and two of these sites will have interpretive panels in the near future.

The trail is 2 miles in length. The North trailhead is near the maintenance building and the South trailhead is behind the soccer fields.

The trail connects to an Edison dirt service road and from there it is a short steep climb to the Ridge Motorway and less than a mile to Cherry Canyon.

Mountain Do Trail

The Mountain Do Trail runs behind the soccer fields. This is a wheelchair accessible path. It has a stabilized decomposed granite surface. There are tables, benches and outdoor exercise equipment. Interpretive panels will be added in the very near future.

The Mountain Do Trail was funded by a grant from the Federal Recreational Trails Program.

A grand opening celebration is scheduled for National Trails Day on June 1st.

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Project summary: This project was completed almost two decades ago. The project has been dug up from the Bellfree archives after a VHS video tape of the project was recently converted to digital format.

Project location: Artpark State Park, Lewiston, New York

Client: New York Port Authority

Project Completion Date: Fall 1992

Project Details:  In the summer and fall of 1992 Bellfree Contractors, Inc. constructed a trail along the Niagara River. The project included a 1 1/2 mile aggregate surface trail, a 55′ helicopter installed bridge on concrete footings (concrete carried in by power carriers), rock retaining walls, stairways and landings for fishing access to the River, etc..  Our bid was solicited by NYPA who came west to the trailbuilders conference, and then out to view on-going projects of the two Association bidders.

Artpark photos taken 10/2010. Project completed in 1992

More photos of this project can be viewed at: Artpark Project Lewiston, New York