Santiago Oaks Regional Park: Coachwhip Trail

Posted: August 21, 2011 by jmk777 in Bridge building, Equestrian Trails, Hiking Trails, Mountain Biking Trail, Trail building

Project Summary: Reroute the existing Coachwhip Trail.

Project Location: Santiago Oaks Regional Park Orange, CA.

Client: Orange County Parks. (The project was partially funded by a private party)

Project completion date: 3/7/11

Project details: The existing Coachwhip Trail was a fall line trail down a ridge. The trail was badly eroded and was difficult to use. The few users that were still using the route were beginning to walk or ride next to the rutted route. We rerouted most of the steep unsustainable existing trail. The gentle sideslope in this area allowed us to keep the grade down to an average 7% and we incorporated several grade reversals in to the trail for proper drainage of rain water from the trail. This will dramatically decrease natures erosive forces. The trail offers great views of the Canyons on both sides of the Ridge. It also runs through an Oak Woodland area that is making a wonderful comeback from the 2007 brush fire. The new trail is 1.1 miles in length. We also constructed a 28′ steel and timber bridge at the bottom of the trail to link the Coachwhip and Yucca Ridge Trails.

Trail laid out and flagged.

Trail is ready for bridge construction.

Installing stringers.

Bridge and trail are complete.

More photos of this project can be viewed at: Santiago Oaks Park: Coachwhip Trail

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